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What We Do

Xtreme Brush Cutters is a family owned local company specializing in extreme brush cutting, land/lot clearing and mulching in Birmingham, Bessemer and other central Alabama areas. We also do general Bobcat work, pushing, loading, moving, etc. Take a look at some of our before and after photos.


Xtreme Brush Cutters Origin

Jerome and Dana Taft lived in the Alabama countryside for years and used farm tractors to take care of brush and keep woods clean. In 2002 they bought 19 acres of beautiful hard woods in north-central Alabama. They hired a bulldozer man to cut a road in and clear a place to build They worked an hour away and when they returned instead of a road and cleared lot they returned to four acres of their property pushed and gutted. In that bad experience with land and lot clearing the idea of Xtreme Brush Cutters was born


Jerome and Dana did not build on that lot. They went on the next ridge and selected cleared their own land. They then decided that there was a need for honest, diligent, hard-working people in the brush cutting, land clearing business. They started Xtreme Brush Cutters.


In Jerome's words, "we select clear underbrush and small trees. We donít trash peoples land or leave huge brush piles. We clear brush and clean lots for the City of Birmingham and the City of Bessemer, but our true love is making Natural Areas for people, We do brush clearing, underbrush clearing, mulching. We give free Estimates, and are Eco Friendly... No job too or too small.



Give Jerome, (205)-991-1715, a call and let him tell you how Xtreme Brush Cutters can solve your brush cutting/land clearing and mulching problem.