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 X-Treme Brush Cutters


Xtreme Brush Cutters - Mulching

Xtreme Brush Cutters can easily and quickly mulch heavy underbrush and up to 8" trees. Mulching brush and trees protects the environment and land by not disturbing the native feeder roots which and thus prevents air and water erosion. The mulch is full on nutrients for the soil.


Mulching also eliminates the need to burn or haul off and dispose of debris, saving you time and money and saving the environment.


Brush removal is performed using a "Bobcat" mounted flail mower or mulcher. We have equipment with rubber tracks which provides low ground pressure for sensitive areas and is also inherently stable and suitable for working on slopes.


Traditional land clearing can leave you with ugly eroded ditches and allow rain and run-off water or wind to rob you property of precious topsoil. Protect your land, (and your neighbors property,) give Jerome or Dana, (205)-991-1715, a call and let them tell you tell you how they can solve your brush cutting/land clearing problem. Or request a free estimate online.